KA7U 1 Meter Active Loop


KA7U receive loop antenna, active loop antenna

Coax Loop with differential amplifier.

Outdoor Utility box.

LNA mounted in box

LNA & Balun/Power inserter boards.


This RECEIVE ONLY antenna comes with 100 feet of outdoor rated CAT6 F.P.A. cable, terminated in RJ45 Jacks. A LNA and 2:1 balun with a power inserter, an RJ45 input and a BNC output board is also included. If you need more than 100 feet of cable, add 20 cents a foot for the overage at checkout. Or if you need less cable, deduct 20 cents a foot at checkout.

A user provided BNC cable connects to the Balun/Power Board to your receiver. The supplied FPA cable connects to the Balun/Power Board, and a user supplied 12-14VDC power source connects to the power plug. A demo of this antenna is providing signals to a websdr which can be listened to @ http://ka7u.no-ip.org:8075 .

Shipping is included to the United States. Postage elsewhere will be quoted at time of order.

The antenna is made from RG213/U coax cable, the vertical supports are 1/2″ schedule 40 PVC water pipe, and the box containing the amplifier is a plastic outdoor electrical box.  The amplifier board is not encased in epoxy and is user accessible.

This is a great antenna for shortwave listening and diversity reception for Ham radio enthusiasts. It works very well with SDR radios and covers from DC through 30MHz. The antenna is broadband and does not require tuning or other adjustment to use.

The antennas are custom made by K7RHB and KA7U, so if you have special requirements, feel free to ask and we might be able to adjust it for you.

Please use the contact form for questions and inquiries.

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    3 Responses to KA7U 1 Meter Active Loop

    1. Keith says:

      Good Day. First of all Thank you for your service to us.
      I run a few nets in the morning and on Sunday afternoon. Can you tell me please how to disconnect from your S.D.R.
      I think I found it once but could not remember what I did. I thought by just closing it would do it. Thanks for the assistance. 73’s. Keith

    2. Ron Morell says:

      I would select a receive antenna based on my limitations. It seems all antennas are a compromise of circumstances. For example, do you have HOA restrictions that limit or forbid antennas on a building or grounds? Does your general real estate size limit your antenna consideration? Do you wish to use an antenna for portable or mobile operations, or fixed station only? Do you have noise or interference problems that you are trying to reduce? And of course what range of frequencies do you wish your antenna to receive?

      So think about these questions and if an antenna is not determined for you by your answers, I’ll work with you to decide what will work for you.

    3. Paul Wozniak says:

      I need help on what to get for a receive antenna

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